Daniel Edward Parks, Interim Director of ChoirsDaniel Headshots May 2020-7


M.M., University of Minnesota
D.M.A., University of Colorado Boulder


Daniel Edward Parks is a Visiting Instructor of Music and Choral Conducting at William & Mary and the Interim Director of Choirs. He holds a doctoral degree in choral conducting and literature from the University of Colorado Boulder. He also holds degrees from the University of Minnesota and Lawrence University. As an educator, he taught choral music, voice, and music theater at the middle and high schools levels in Wisconsin for five years. As a professional ensemble singer, he has performed with Alium Spiritum, Solis Singers, the Boulder Chorale, the Minnesota Chorale, Border CrosSing, and Weimar Bach Cantata Academy.

The topic of his doctoral thesis, To the Hands by Caroline Shaw: A Conductor’s Guide and Analysis focuses on formal analysis of post-tonal music and rehearsal planning from a comprehensive musicianship perspective. He will present an interest session entitled “The Choral Music of Caroline Shaw” at the 2022 Southwest American Choral Director’s Association conference. His research interests include vocal improvisation, early music, and Comprehensive Musicianship through Performance (CMP).


Charlie Westhoff (he/him), President
  • Major: Kinesiology & Health SciencesAC8B8D57-8BF9-4ED0-87CA-645636DF187B - Charlie Westhoff
  • Class Year: 2021
  • What his position does, in his own words: “As the President, my primary responsibilities include serving as the chief liaison between members of the choir and our director, leading announcements during our mid-rehearsal break, and organizing our annual 5-day domestic tour. Basically, it’s my job to oversee our executive board to make sure that everything runs smoothly so our director can conduct productive rehearsals and ensure that choir members feel heard and cared for. “
  • What he loves about KWAH: “I love that 3 days a week I get to meet up to make beautiful music with some of the most talented, intelligent, and kind people on campus and that I’m able to call them my choir family. “
  • Other Campus Activities: Cognitive Neuroscience Research Lab, Community-Based Public Health Research Lab, and Hickory Neck Church Choral Scholar
Jay Ford (he/him), Vice President
  • Major: Computer ScienceHeadshot of Jay Ford
  • Class Year: 2022
  • What his position does, in his own words: “As Vice President, my responsibilities include (but are not limited to) creating posters, designing t-shirts, swinging a hammer, and supporting the President and the rest of our esteemed officers.”
  • What he loves about KWAH: “I love how such a strange mix of different people can come together in the name of singing and form such a tight-knit community. “
  • Other Campus Activities: Club Rowing, Baptist Collegiate Ministry
Catherine Janicki (she/they), Social Co-Chair
  • Majors: Sociology & Music
  • Class Year: 2023IMG_1105 - Catherine Janicki
  • What her position does, in her own words: “Nick and I brew the special secret ingredient that gives the Choir’s sound that extra oomph that all music needs to blossom… FRIENDSHIP!!! Cheesy games, cheesy ice breakers, cheesy fries, birthday celebrations, non-birthday celebrations; you name it, we’re already on it. We love the W&M Choir and our goal is to spread that love by fostering community and promoting acceptance & kindness, inclusion, safety & health, and of course, friendship.”
  • What she loves about KWAH: “My favorite thing about KWAH is the built-in community it brings!! Everyone is so supportive and you meet about fifty other friends on campus who are always down to study, practice music, get coffee or lunch, and just all-around have a good time 🙂 “
  • Other Campus Activities: The Accidentals A Cappella !!!!!
Nick Moore (he/him), Social Co-Chair8F9867A4-C831-40B1-81CA-1E2637271249 - Nick Moore
  • Major: Chinese
  • Class Year: 2022
  • What his position does, in his own words: “Me and Catherine work to plan social events for the choir. “
  • What he loves about KWAH: “The nice people and the dynamic as a whole “
  • Other Campus Activities: Acapella
JaneAnne Stockton (she/her), Administrative Secretary
  • Major: Music and Geology (or “Rock Music”)40891D42-EF57-4378-A8D6-F42F5EEE83D7 - JaneAnne Stockton
  • Class Year: 2022
  • What her position does, in her own words: “Mainly I take attendance and keep a record of absences in all our rehearsals and performances, or as it’s been stated since the introduction of Zoom rehearsals, I herd the chickens. I also compile the choir directory at the beginning of the year and organize thank you notes for the choir’s host families during our domestic tour. “
  • What she loves about KWAH: “I love the warm feeling of Family that envelopes me whenever I get the chance to sing surrounded by this glorious group. It’s such a privilege to exist in the same sonic environment as 60 other people for a few hours of my week, and the bonds we have formed with one another over years of living in each other’s sound have been one of my favorite parts of college.”
  • Other Campus Activities: Acapella with The Christopher Wren Singers (for which I am Assistant Director) and Geology Club.
Jeannine Brokaw (she/her), Librarian
  • Major: Computer ScienceHeadshot of Jeannine
  • Minor: Linguistics
  • Class Year: 2022
  • What her position does, in her own words: “I’m the caretaker of the choir’s music library, and make sure that everyone has what we need to sing.”
  • What she loves about KWAH: “I joined for the music, but I stayed for the community. The Kwah has been around for at least 96 years of recorded history (sorry, not since 1693). But joining the choir doesn’t only mean following in the footsteps of countless alums. I was adopted by two Bigs who introduced me to our traditions, made me feel welcome in the Kwah, and inspired me to stay and take Littles of my own. Oh, and I love the music too.”
  • Other Campus Activities: Greater City (Greater Harmony), BCM, RUF, WizMug
Kirsten Sweigart, Treasurer
  • Majors: Chemistry & Musicpic_for_kwah - Kirsten Sweigart
  • Class Year: 2022
  • What her position does, in her own words: “I’m responsible for allocating funds to each officer position, collecting dues, budgeting, and tracking all official choir expenses.”
  • What she loves about KWAH: “Kwah is so much more than an academic credit or a singing ensemble — it’s an entire social sphere that welcomes every new member and gives them a network of familiar faces all over campus. Everywhere you go, you’ll run into someone from kwah who is super happy to see you!”
  • Other Campus Activities: William & Mary Symphony Orchestra, Tribe TutorZone, Orthodox Christian Fellowship, Mortar Board, organic chemistry research
Justin Oei (he/him), Diversity and Inclusion Officer
  • Major: Music & GovernmentIMG_0132 - Justin Oei
  • Class Year: 2023
  • What his position does, in his own words: “Making sure that Kwah continues to be the inclusive, welcoming space for music-making that we all want it to be!”
  • What he loves about KWAH: “I love that we always push ourselves but always have fun doing so, singing repertoire from all over the world and from across so many different time periods! Also, the people are amazingly welcoming and you just want to be around them all. the. time.”
  • Other Campus Activities: Canterbury Association, Early Music Ensemble, Choral Scholars at Hickory Neck, Organ and Voice studios
Hannah Simpson (she/her), Fundraising Co-Chair
  • Class Year: 2022
  • What her position does, in her own words: “Hannah and I raise money primarily for our spring tour (fingers crossed!) so that students can travel and sing without a huge financial burden. We raise money through campus events, concerts, and more!”
  • What she loves about KWAH: “What’s not to love?! I love how Kwah has developed me so much as a musician and provided such a wonderful community for me since my freshman year.”
  • Other Campus Activities: BCM (Baptist Collegiate Ministry) and CPALs (English-language tutoring)!
 Hannah Bloom (she/her), Fundraising Co-Chair
  • Major: Public HealthC1B42629-0918-48B7-8A70-D077A2667F12 - Hannah Bloom
  • Class Year: 2023
  • What her position does, in her own words: “We raise money and fundraise for the choir so we can share our music with people all around the country and world!!”
  • What she loves about KWAH: “The people!! Choir is filled with the greatest twampiest people on campus!”
  • Other Campus Activities: DoubleTake A Capella, Resident Assistant, Red Cross Club
Amanda Reed (she/her), Webmaster
  • Major: Computer ScienceIMG_2472 - Amanda Reed
  • Class Year: 2024
  • What her position does, in her own words: “As Webmaster, I maintain social media accounts, as well as update the listserv and website.”
  • What she loves about KWAH: “I love the people! I look forward to every rehearsal because I get to make music with such an amazing group!”
  • Other campus activities: APO, Rhythm and Taps, GeoLab
Bayleigh Albert (she/her), Historian Co-Chair
  • Major: Undecided4B9CA4AA-B3E3-43C7-A3D1-9510BB8D0347 - Bayleigh Albert
  • Class Year: 2024
  • What her position does, in her own words: “As one of the two Historians, we relay information and connect with the community through social media, sharing photographs of the Choir’s events and accomplishments. “
  • What she loves about KWAH: “I love the tight knit community of people who are always willing to support and uplift one another.”
  • Other campus activities: Christopher Wren Singers, Green Club Volleyball Team, Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society
Amelia Metcalf (she/her), Historian Co-ChairA3E3F8CC-80FF-43B2-8321-BC2D0D0ED47C_1_201_a - Amelia Metcalf
  • Major: Economics
  • Class Year: 2024
  • What her position does, in her own words: “I am a historian (along with Bayleigh!), so my job is to capture the best moments of the Choir on- and off-stage.”
  • What she loves about KWAH: “I love the people! We make music, of course, but we also make memories together outside of singing. That is why the Choir feels like family to me.”
  • Other campus activities: Alpha Chi Omega
Elizabeth Diaz (she/her), Alumni Correspondence Secretary
  • Major: Geology with Marine Science MinorC4EFCFAE-263E-49AC-A497-D89052101C67 - Elizabeth Diaz
  • Class Year: 2024
  • What her position does, in her own words: “As alumni correspondent, I’m in charge of organizing the homecoming reception where present choir members get to meet and interact with alumni to hopefully have fun and make meaningful connections with them. I also get to connect with the alumni through the newsletter. ”
  • What she loves about KWAH: “I LOVE so many things about KWAH! I absolutely love the people and the incredible friendships I’ve made since I joined kwah. This is such a great community and it’s so welcoming and special to be a part of it. I love all the fun things in and out of rehearsal that we get to do!”
  • Other campus activities: HerCampus and the Marine Science Society
Marlaina Horewitz (she/her), Wardrobe Co-ManagerIMG_3829 - Marlaina Horewitz
  • Major: Biophysical Chemistry
  • Class Year: 2023
  • What her position does, in her own words: “I work with my co-manager to assign robes, order uniforms, and make sure everyone has the clothes they need to look nice on-stage.”
  • What she loves about KWAH: “It’s one big crazy family that cares about each other so so much.”
  • Other campus activities: Salsa club, fitness instructor, club cross county and track, research, and climbing club
Milo Pavlovich (he/him), Wardrobe Co-Manager
  • Major: Geology7442AA21-0C0D-4297-9679-77A46D29E64A - Milo Pavlovich
  • Class Year: 2024
  • What his position does, in his own words: “I will help the choir prepare efficiently and properly for our concerts this semester by getting our robes and making sure everyone is dressed and always ready to perform to our best ability!”
  • What he loves about KWAH: “I love the bonding connections that I have made so far with the people in KWAH – by now, almost everyone in it is my new family and friends. I always feel so welcome and loved and I would never want that to change because this is truly a gift I get to share with everyone in choir and furthermore with the world around me!”
  • Other campus activities: “I am a member of the botany club, I love to be outside and in nature hiking, swimming, etc. , and I love to walk through the town of Williamsburg and relive the historical moments that happened here.”
Thomas Hess (he/him), Recording Chair
  • Major: BiologyScreenshot_2019-07-22-22-34-20 - Thomas Hess
  • Class Year: 2022
  • What his position does, in his own words: “I help set up the microphone and recording equipment to make sure the choir’s songs can be heard again!”
  • What he loves about KWAH: “The ability to come in and get really into a musical piece. Really helps for calming me down during exam weeks. It is kinda like the thing where people shout in Sunken Garden but a bit less chaotic.”
  • Other campus activities: Kendo, Bible Study, Biology Honors Thesis
 Caroline Emeric, Intramural Sports Chair: more info coming soon!
Riser Royalty: Coming soon!
Owen Peck (he/him), Accompanist
  • Majors: Music and Government
  • Class Year: 2022Headshot of Owen
  • What his position does, in his own words: “I accompany the choir on piano when we have pieces that require accompaniment. I also collaborate with our director to plan and run rehearsals, so that the Choir can learn our music as well and efficiently as possible.”
  • What he loves about KWAH: “When you join Choir, you step into a family that will be your rock at William & Mary. The reach of Choir does not stop when we aren’t singing; between social events and the seemingly endless stream of friendly faces you see across campus, you can’t help but be wrapped up in the warm embrace of the Kwah community.” 
  • Other Campus Activities: Director of the Christopher Wren Singers, organ lessons, bass section leader at Williamsburg Presbyterian Church