Dr AJames Armstrong, Jr., Director of Choirs and Associate Professor of Music, received his undergraduate degree from Princeton University and his master’s and doctoral degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he studied conducting and voice with Robert Fountain. His research interests range from eighteenth and early nineteenth-century Central European sacred music to historically-informed performance and the African American spiritual. At present he is compiling a thematic catalog of the complete Esterházy sacred music collection, which is housed today partly in Eisenstadt, Austria and partly in Budapest, Hungary.

Recent publications include a seminal article on music at the court of Nicolaus II Esterházy, which appeared in connection with an exhibition in Compiegne, France devoted to Nicolaus as a patron of the arts in Europe; Professor Armstrong also contributed an article that appeared in the catalog of the international bicentennial exhibition in Eisenstadt, Austria commemorating the death of Joseph Haydn. Professor Armstrong is active as both a clinician and an adjudicator.




Tess Kendrick, President
  • Major: Biologytess headshot
  • Minor: Environmental Science & Policy
  • Class Year: 2019
  • What her position does, in her own words:  “As President, I work closely with all of the other officers to make sure that the choir is prepared for all of our activities and appearances throughout the year. Additionally, I get to plan and organize our east coast spring tour.”
  • What she loves about KWAH: “It’s a community of people who love to sing and love to be together!”
  • Other Campus Activities: Undergraduate Biology Research, Peer Advising


Nick Wells, Vice President
  • Majors: International Relations, French & Francophone Studiesheadshot Nick
  • Class Year: 2020
  • What his position does, in his own words: “As Vice President, I am in charge of publicity: I keep the public apprised of concerts and events. I am also the chief organizer of the Choir’s annually successful Homecoming Parade float. Besides that, I coordinate creation of Choir apparel, and aid Tess in whatever else needs to be done.”
  • What he loves about KWAH: “I love the entire experience. I am thrilled to be able to make excellent music with 60 close friends.”
  •  Other Campus Activities: Club Wrestling, Hickory Neck Episcopal Church Choral Scholar, Schola Cantorum


Garret Walker, Co-Social Chair
  • Majors: Psychology, Anthropologygarret headshot
  • Class Year: 2019
  • What his position does, in his own words: “Social chairs just aggressively throw candy at you and force you to love them. On a more serious note, Sara and I get to work to try to make this an environment where we can foster friendships and really fun memories. We want to try to include everyone and just get us all really well acquainted. Spending six hours a week with everyone gets to be so much better when you’re spending that time with friends.”
  • What he loves about KWAH: “The ability to find something in common with everyone! We all came together because we all wanted to make music, and that speaks volumes about who we are as people. As different as we can be, that’s the one thing we’ll always have in common. Also, it’s just great to be able to have this large group of crazy and wacky people and be able to call y’all my friends. <3 This group has made college such a phenomenal experience and I don’t know where I’d be without it.”
  • Other Campus Activities: Being a slave to capitalism? I work at a hotel off-campus, so between that and choir, there’s not much time for additional activities.


Sara Richard, Co-Social Chair
  • Major: Film & Media Studiessara richard headshot
  • Minor: Music
  • Class Year: 2020
  • What her position does, in her own words: “Working alongside my Co-Chair and apple of my eye, Garret, I am responsible for making sure that everyone in Choir has fun, with planned shindigs and traditional events as well as in-rehearsal activities. No matter what your definition of ‘fun’ is, we want to make sure that you feel comfortable and know that you have a place in Choir, not just as a member of a musical ensemble, but as part of a social community.”
  • What she loves about KWAH: “Singing, shenanigans, and some seriously lovely people.”
  • Other Campus Activities: Making choir memes, slaying the eyeliner game, toeing the line of appropriateness in emails to professors, crying while listening to Carly Rae Jepsen’s EMOTION.


Mina Parastaran, Recording Secretary
  • Majors: Computer Science, Musicmina headshot
  • Class Year: 2019
  • What her position does, in her own words: “The recording secretary takes attendance at every rehearsal and concert, and makes sure that each person is accounted for, but most importantly, the recording secretary acts as a friendly and welcoming face at the start of each rehearsal.”
  • What she loves about KWAH: “Kwah is like your family away from home, we always care for each other and are unapologectically accepting of everyone despite all our differences and unique identities.”
  • Other Campus Activities: The Intonations a capella, Hickory Neck Episcopal Church Choir, GeoQuery Lab


Sheng Long, Librarian + Newsletter Lady
  • Majors: Computer Science, Economicsedf
  • Class Year: 2020
  • What her position does, in her own words: ”
    – I maintain the choir music library; I assign music and folders; I remind people not to forget their music before concerts;
    – I send out weekly newsletters on Mondays mainly about information related to the choral program;
    – I have other duties as assigned by the Choir President.”
  • What she loves about KWAH: ”
    People in the Choir all love singing and music, and we make great music together. It’s like this magical family where everyone is passionate about singing, and you would guess that there may be a bathroom singer dad who goes off the beat/note once in a while, but no, everyone just sounds great and they put effort into sounding great. I love to sing alongside my family.”
  • Other Campus Activities: studying, sleeping, studying some more


Kayla Ebright, Treasurer
  • Major: Mathematicskayla
  • Class Year: 2019
  • What her position does, in her own words: “The treasurer works with all of the officers to make and stick to a budget for the year. They also collect payments and issue reimbursements.”
  • What she loves about KWAH: “I have had so much fun singing with the choir the past three years. I’ve been able to make wonderful friends and perform beautiful music and I’ve loved every minute of it.”
  • Other Campus Activities: Phi Mu, Opera Workshop


Sarah Lucas, Co-Fundraising Chairsarah
  • Major: Public Policy
  • Minor: Global Business
  • Class Year: 2020
  • What her position does, in her own words: “As a co-fundraising chair, I work closely with James to organize fundraising events and opportunities to raise money for The Choir. The proceeds are used mainly to fund our annual domestic tour and the international tour we go on every three years. Our highlight event is the annual Choir Cabaret, where members of The Choir perform in a variety show!”
  • What she loves about KWAH: “I love everything about being a part of the KWAH: the music we sing, the friends turned into family, and all the ridiculous fun we have together!”
  • Other Campus Activities: LDSSA, SLD Ambassador, RA (Cabell Apartments)


James Lynch, Co-Fundraising Chair
  • Major: Chemistryjames
  • Class Year: 2020
  • What his position does, in his own words: “I fundraise for the choir through different events and activities.
  • What he loves about KWAH: “I love making music with a group of amazing people and singers.
  • Other Campus Activities: Theatre, The Christopher Wren Singers



Michael Sparrow, WebmasterIMG-4140
  • Major: Music
  • Minor: Mathematics
  • Class Year: 2019
  • What his position does, in his own words: “As Webmaster, I am in charge of managing the William and Mary Choir’s social media outlets, including (but not limited to) Facebook and Twitter, as well as routinely updating this website as new and relevant information comes in.”
  • What he loves about KWAH: “Great music, great director, great friends.”
  • Other Campus Activities: Catholic Campus Ministry


Emma Jones, Co-Historianemma jones headshot
  • Major: English
  • Minor: Psychology
  • Class Year: 2021
  • What her position does, in her own words: “Along with the beautiful and talented Cristina Sherer, I will be lurking at choir events and rehearsals to capture the perfect candids for the Kwah history books! We will also be responsible for making some kwah-lity bulletin boards and putting together a slideshow of the year’s shenanigans!”
  • What she loves about KWAH: “Kwah has given me a space where I truly feel comfortable expressing myself with the most amazing people on campus.”
  • Other Campus Activities: Heal


Cristina Sherer, Co-Historiancristina headshot
  • Majors: Hispanic Studies; Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies
  • Class Year: 2021
  • What her position does, in her own words: “Alongside the fiery (yet gentle) Emma K. Jones, I will serve as the choir’s personal stalker this year. We’ll make you laugh, cry, and celebrate with our impeccable bulletin boards, instagram posts (follow @wm_kwah!!), and end of the year slideshow. Catch me snapping pics from behind the nearest tree at the next choir social event!”
  • What she loves about KWAH: “There is no place that feels more like home to me than kwah! The hugs and laughter are endless!”
  • Other Campus Activities: VOX, WM Heal, Lambda Alliance


Nora Logsdon, Corresponding Secretarynora headshot
  • Major: Government
  • Minor: Sociology
  • Class Year: 2019
  • What her position does, in her own words: “I get to keep all of our wonderful Kwah alums updated as to the goings-on of the choir!”
  • What she loves about KWAH: “It’s more than just a singing group—it’s family.”
  • Other Campus Activities: Student Conduct Council, CKI, Griffin School Partnerships, Tribe Attaché


Sebastian Viscuso, Wardrobe ChairBio Pic srviscuso
  • Majors: International Relations, German
  • Class Year: 2019
  • What his position does, in his own words: “Wardrobe chairs handle all choir tasks related to uniforms and robes.”
  • What he loves about KWAH: “The people make the experience, and the choir has some of the best people around.”
  • Other Campus Activities: The Gentlemen of the College (a cappella)


Emma Shahin, Wardrobe Chair
  • Majors: Psychology, Musicemmashahin headshot
  • Class Year: 2021
  • What her position does, in her own words: “Making sure that everyone in choir looks like a million bucks by being a stylish role model everyone can look up to with my pal, Sebastian (or just opening the social closet every once in a while)
  • What she loves about KWAH: “Our community is truly like no other, and I’ve made some of my closest friends in this amazing group. Can’t think of anyone else I would want to belt the Alma Mater or Wassail with!
  • Other Campus Activities: The Accidentals A Cappella group member and tour manager, Front Porch Society member


John Lesko, Co-Recording Producerjohn lesko
  • Majors: Public Policy, Geography
  • Class Year: 2021
  • What his position does, in his own words: “Most of the time, we record your beautiful voices. Sometimes, when I confuse the stop and play buttons on the recorder, we get a pretty great live recording of the ‘sound of silence.'”
  • What he loves about KWAH: “Kyle.”
  • Other Campus Activities: The Gentlemen of the College a cappella group, Sinfonicron Light Opera Company


Kyle Vasquez, Co-Recording Producer
  • Major: History, Englishkyle headshot
  • Class Year: 2021
  • What his position does, in his own words: “I am in charge of assuring that the beautiful melodic tones of the choir are caught by my incredible audio techniques; however, I have to hope John remembers to hit record!”
  • What he loves about KWAH: “John Lesko.”
  • Other Campus Activities: Class of 2021 Senator, Double Take Acappella group member and social chair, Vice-president of Acappella Council, Orientation Aid, Developing A New Hope with school of ed (Club that assures students from low income homes are getting proper education)


Margot Cunningham, Intramural Sports Chair
  • Major: Undecided
  • Minor: Marine Science
  • Class Year: 2021margot headshot
  • What her position does, in her own words: “As Sports Chair, I’m the captain of the most AMAZING and WILDLY SUCCESSFUL co-ed intramural sports team W&M has to offer (seriously we’re surprisingly really good come play with us)!!! I organize everything so all you literally have to do is show up, zero knowledge of sports is required :)”
  • What she loves about KWAH: “It’s brought me my absolute best friends and some of my favorite memories at college. This isn’t your average choir—you’ll be shocked how quickly you’ll fall in love with this wonderful group of people and all our crazy traditions. Auditioning for KWAH is hands down the best decision I made my freshman year, I couldn’t imagine my life without being part of this super social, fun-loving, one-of-a-kind family!”
  • Other Campus Activities: Delta Gamma sorority member and Director of House Management / JMCT board member, Marine Science Society, Scuba Diving club, eating at the Cheese Shop WAY too often, petting every dog I see in CW, burning microwave popcorn



Alli Seifert, Riser Queenalli headshot
  • Major: Biology pre-med
  • Class Year: 2022
  • What her position does, in her own words: “I help my kingly counterpart coordinate riser set up and tear down for our concerts.
  • What she loves about KWAH: “My family! My Big, sisters, and nephew are the lights of my life.
  • Other Campus Activities: Undergrad research



Caleb Sanford, Riser King
  • Major: Pre-businesscaleb headshot
  • Class Year: 2021
  • What his position does, in his own words: “As Riser King, the Riser Queen and I are tasked with ensuring that there is a staff of volunteers to help set up the risers and other performance equipment at each KWAH performance.  It is also unofficially written into my contract that I must provide cookies for the volunteers at each event.”
  • What he loves about KWAH: “I love the camaraderie and familial bonds that grow between a group of college students joining together to share their love of music.
  • Other Campus Activities: Investment Club, Ballroom Dance

Assistants to the Officers